Reading Roadrunners Wednesday Training Sessions 2022

Also available Wednesday’s are Group Training Outruns (the runs will be varied, so could cover a general outrun, C25K, tempo, hills, speed work, 5K at a relaxed pace). We also host sessions on a Friday. Details of which are at the bottom of the page.

Coaches’ Track Training Session Links

Higgsy – Endurance Training – Aug-Dec

Art Atwal – 5 & 10k Pace Training June-Oct

Jamie Smith – Aerobic/Endurance Building. Winter Aug-Dec

Nicci & Vroni – Working on RPE / HR / VO2  Sep-Dec

Tony Canning – Speed Endurance

Harriot Turner – Couch to 5K. New joiners welcome, with no previous experience required. Plan will follow the NHS couch to 5K.
The participants will do one run at the track and then will be required to do two more runs in the time between sessions.

Couch to 5k Group Outdoor Session Link
(The NHS also have a great page with more information on Couch to 5K training. View here)

Beginners 10km Training Schedule

A 10 Week beginners training plan to help you successfully complete your first 10km comfortably available here

Friday Track Sessions

Do come along to our Friday track sessions also. They kick off at 6:30pm from Palmer Park and last until 7:30. All are more than welcome. Further details here

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