Reading Roadrunners Wednesday Training Sessions 2022

Also available Wednesday’s are Group Training Outruns (the runs will be varied, so could cover a general outrun, C25K, tempo, hills, speed work, 5K at a relaxed pace)

Coaches’ Track Training Session Links

Lesley Whiley – Improve Pace Awareness

Higgsy & Sarah – Endurance Training – April-July

Art Atwal – 5 & 10k Pace Training – April-June

Tom HarrisonReading Half Marathon Training-Jan-March

Strength and Conditioning Training

Cathrin Westerwelle – Fun Strength and Conditioning Circuit- June -July 22

Couch to 5k Group Outdoor Session Link

(The NHS have a great page with more information on Couch to 5K training. View here )

Beginners 10km Training Schedule

A 10 Week beginners training plan to help you successfully complete your first 10km comfortably available here

Base Training 8 Week Plan

An 8 week training plan devised by Art

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