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Membership Renewal (Clarification as of November 14)

This clarification covers membership renewal only and not first time joining.

Membership of Reading Roadrunners (RR) is by annual subscription. The subscription covers months March through to February.

If you look at this in car insurance terms then you could drive until February 28th (29th in a leap year) but without renewal of the premium you could not drive on 1st March. However, RR does not operate such a drastic cut off.

You can renew your membership through the months of January and February for the March start. RR also allows you to renew during March without penalty. That gives you 3 months to renew and is a very generous timescale allowance.

If you have not renewed by 31st March then RR considers your membership has lapsed. You are no longer a RR member. From the 1st April you have to re-join and the renewal subscription fee no longer applies. You have to pay the subscription to join as a new member. The re-join subscription is typically £2 more than the renewal subscription.

Please note the previous paragraph. This is not paying a £2 forfeit for late renewal. It is a definite membership lapse and re-join. Your membership is not continuous.

This situation impacts on the London Marathon Draws – both Marshals and Club. You have to be a RR member for a year to enter. If you let your membership lapse and re-join in April or later then you have not been a member for a year and cannot enter either draw.

More details can be read on our London Marathon Draw page.