London Marathon Draw Rules (Clarification as of October 15)

London Marathon award Reading Roadrunners guaranteed entries for two reasons. Firstly we are given a batch in recognition of our efforts with marshalling the race. Secondly we are given another batch as a UKA registered club.

The allocations are based on the number of marshals and size of the club, but have dropped over the years. Currently we receive one marshalling place and two UKA registered places. The club has two draws to allocate these places: the Marshal Draw and the Club Draw.


The following rules apply to these draws.

RULE 1 [Marshal’s Draw only] You must have marshalled at this year’s event
RULE 2 You have to be in possession of a Rejection Slip, i.e. you need to have been unsuccessful in
the ballot and be in possession of your rejection notification.
RULE 3 You have to have been a member for at least a year. Note – missing the renewal window
counts as a new membership and breaks this rule.

February – Marshal requests are issued
April – London Marathon – with Reading Roadrunners members in attendance as marshals and participants.
April, shortly after race – Ballot for next year’s event opens.
July – Ballot results are issued. Tip – If you’re unsuccessful keep your rejection email.
July – Confirmation of Marshal allocation. Marshal Draw.
August – Confirmation of Club allocation. A request for rejection slips will be issued.
August – Club Draw. Note – reserve places are drawn should the drawn members not need a place, which can occur if they get a place through “good for age” or another route, or they no longer want a place.
November – Registration portal opens for successfully drawn members.