2023- New Reading Roadrunners Charity of the Year

Charity Coordinator: Liz Atkinson


We would like to say a huge thank you to Roadrunners for voting to support Understanding Dementia as the club charity of the year. Dementia is becoming such a prominent condition as we are all living longer. Most of us have a close family member or a friend who is affected by this cruel disease and several people have already contacted us to thank the charity representative as they have a loved one suffering at the moment.

For those who were unable to attend the AGM visit the charity website at : www.understandingdementia.co.uk.

Understanding Dementia is a charity based in Twyford, Berkshire, set up by Shirley Pearce in 2018. Its aim is to promote a clear understanding of dementia, how it affects the person and how to lessen its impact on those who live with it. The charity provides training for care workers, health professionals and family carers with a new and very simple approach that anyone can use. If we are prepared to think in a different way about dementia, we can make a real difference to those who live with it. Caring for someone with dementia, whether at home or in residential care, can become a more positive experience for all concerned.

We hope you will be able to support us at our club fundraising events.  Here is a list of our events over the next few months and some idea of how you could help the charity. Baking forms a large part of this and we know there are a large number of Bake Off candidates in the club so…………….

For those who would like to donate please visit our Fundraising Page here on The Good Exchange.

Track Fridays – Bring cakes & biscuits to raise money and join us for refreshments in the clubhouse afterwards in return for a small donation.

Dates are 17th March, 14th April, 26th May

Shinfield 10k1st May. Bring cakes for the refreshments stand and eat lots too for a small donation

We are also planning a barn dance and details will follow soon. So, practice your left-hand stars, stripping the willow and Do-si-do!

You can also have a go at predicting a time for a London Marathon entrant.

Other ideas will follow.

To find out more about the charity, the fundraising opportunities or to donate, please do contact:

Liz Atkinson (liz.atkinson@btinternet.com) Cecilia Csemiczky (csemiczky@btinternet.com) or Fiona Ross (fionamarieross@me.com)

Please also visit the charity website: www.understandingdementia.co.uk

Please visit our Fundraising Page Here
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