Reading Roadrunners Welfare Statement

Welfare Officer
Tom Harrison

EA should be notified of the Club Welfare officer.

All members should follow our Code of Conduct as follows:

RRR fully accept their statutory and moral obligation to provide a duty of care to protect all Club members and safeguard their welfare, irrespective of age; ethnicity; religion; sex; gender identity; disability or sexual orientation.

Coaches should have DBS (formerly CRB) checks every three years.

Members have the right to protection from bullying, abuse, harassment or false allegations.

All suspicions and allegations of abuse or poor practice will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.

Understand and accept their responsibility to report concerns to the Welfare Officer.

Treat all Club members with respect, dignity and courtesy and recognize their worth.

Avoid destructive behaviour and should leave venues as they find them.

Avoid swearing, abusive language or behaviour that is dangerous to themselves or others.

Not carry items that might be dangerous to themselves or others.

Not carry or consume illegal substances nor consume alcohol to excess.

Consistently promote the spirit of the sport such as fairplay.

Treat the safety and enjoyment of our members as paramount.

Any concerns or allegations should be reported to the Club Welfare Officer immediately who may, depending on the nature and severity of the incident, refer the matter to the Club committee; the UKA or if necessary the police.   If the Welfare Officer is not available the matter should be reported to the Chairman or any member of the committee.

The above is every Club member’s responsibility and in addition applies to all forms of social media.

Policies should be reviewed annually, or as requested by members.