Mental Health Champion

I am Nicki Farrell, Mental Health Champion for Reading Roadrunners and Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)certified.

As a BSc in Sports Science, I have always had a keen interest in the body – physiological and psychological but didn’t quite appreciate how much our mental wellbeing impacted our physical health until I experienced it first hand. I was fortunate to have an amazing support network in family, friends and work and came out the other side a stronger person for it. My biggest learning – be kind to yourself.

Since recovering, I have become MHFA certified and my passion is to reduce the stigma around mental health and raise awareness to support others.

You can contact me on

The Mental Health Champion role has the following key responsibilities;

  • Provide crisis contacts to their club/group
  • Be a point of contact for anyone experiencing mental health problems to join the club/group
  • Encourage and promote conversations about mental health
  • Make links with mental health organisations in the community
  • Actively promote mental wellbeing and running

You can find out more about the role here (this page also includes information on Mental Health Ambassadors who are people with formal mental health qualifications or professional roles, this isn’t what my role is)

If you feel you need help and support with your Mental Health there are some useful contacts and listening services on the Mind website;

Mental Health crisis contacts can be found here;