Buddy Volunteer Roster


19th February 26th February 4th March 11th March
Buddy Outside The Barriers Gill Gary Ben
Buddy in Reception Sarah Peter Peter Ben
Buddy Trackside Mark Gary

Grab a high-vis from the cupboard and look out for people who are new or seem like they might like a chat. Helping people find the changing rooms and bathroom, pointing the way to track and talking about what Wednesday nights are all about is great too!

  • Outside the barriers; people who are new don’t have a card to get through the turnstiles and a friendly face is useful
  • In reception; the front desk can point people to you to chat
  • Trackside; looking for people who are alone or looking lost

The only other things to add are to arrive at track early, from around 6pm if you can, and to try to avoid getting stuck into conversation with lots of people you know at track whilst volunteering as that can make you seem less easy to approach for nervous first timers! I imagine it’s not just first timers who will come to ask questions, or need a friendly face to talk to and that’s fine too.


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