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Come and join us for races or holidays abroad!! 
Full calendar with future events below

Often throughout the year many of us Roadrunners organise our own trips abroad. Someone will come up with an idea and we'll then eventually post it on Facebook.

These races are usually marathons but many incorporate half marathons & 10Ks also. Often many will just come to support, so it's ideal if you just want a holiday.

The problem is many people can feel left out or new members may not have noticed old posts on Facebook.

All the trips I arrange I try to make everybody welcome so if you have a trip planned or have a great idea then please contact me or email your idea or just tag me in (Paul Monaghan) and mention it on Facebook. Note you're not obliged to do this and it's totally understandable that you just may want to arrange your own trip with friends. But come on we all love a good holiday.
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Trips Planned For 2018

10:00 am Medoc Marathon @ COSEC in Pauillac
Medoc Marathon @ COSEC in Pauillac
Sep 8 @ 10:00 am
Medoc Marathon @ COSEC in Pauillac | Pauillac | Nouvelle-Aquitaine | France
Caroline Jackson, Paul Monaghan, Cathrin Westerwelle & Caroline Heagreaves are doing the famous wine marathon in Bordeuax. Feel free to join us.
8:00 am Larnaca Marathon (Caroline’s 100... @ Cyprus
Larnaca Marathon (Caroline’s 100... @ Cyprus
Nov 18 @ 8:00 am
Come and join many of us to help Caroline celebrate her 100th marathon in sunny Cyprus. Hotel we have booked at the moment is Zodiac Apartments. We’ve booked with a cancelletion on


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