Gutsmuths Rennsteig Lauf – Ultra, Marathon, Half Marathon

Vroni Recommends :

Would you consider coming with me to the hills of Germany for a fun run ??

This is a beautiful Ultra / Mara / Half and they have the best Bratwurst in the whole of Germany !

It’s been voted the most beautiful trail event in Europe and it truly is!

Nearest airports are Berlin / Frankfurt or Munich – all equally far, unless they reopen the Gatwick – Erfurt Route which would then be a 45 min drive only.

There are plenty of Hotels in the area and spectators can spend the time hiking , eating or drinking a decent German beer 🍻 (or eat cake) .

Please contact Vroni Royle for further info on this event.

I understand that there are a good few joining her already 🙂

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