2019 Club & Marathon Champs

As in recent years, we will run two Championship competitions through the year: a road & multi-terrain competition, in which you need to return a result in some nominated races, and a separate marathon competition.

Trophies will be awarded to the winners in the various categories in spring 2019.

2019 Marathon Championship Table
Results up to November

2019  Championship Table
Results After Race 11

2019 Road & Multi-terrain Championship

Confirmation of this year’s Championship races:


Feb 24 Wokingham HM HM Road Berks Champs
Apr 19 Maidenhead 10 10M Road Berks Champs
May 04 Hurstbourne 5 5M Road Special Request
12 Marlow 5 5M MT Berks Champs
June 09 Hampshire Hoppit HM MT  
July 07 Burford Bolt  10K MT By Request
Aug 11 Burnham Beeches 10K Road Berks Champs
25 Headington 5 5M Road
Sep 15 Swallowfield 10K 10K Road
Oct 06 Basingstoke HM HM Road  
27 Ricky Road 10 10M MT Date TBC
Dec 01 Mapledurham 10 10M MT


This differs from the preliminary set by the substitution of the Headington 5 for the Kintbury 5, following a valid observation received that packing all three 5M races into a four-week window risked eliminating anyone who couldn’t run during that comparatively short period.
Please note…

  • You don’t need to register to take part
  • To qualify, you must complete at least one race in each of the 5M, 10K, 10M, HM distance categories; it doesn’t matter if you choose a road or multi-terrain race
  • Score 50pts for best RR result, 49 for second best, etc. in each race
  • You are competing with others in the same age & gender category:
     Men: Senior, M40, M50, M60, M65, M70, M75, M80
     Ladies: Senior, F40, F50, F60, F65, F70, F75, F80
  • Your age category is determined by your age on 1 Jan19.
  • Only your best score in each race distance category counts
  • For your race result to count in the Championship, you must wear club colours
  • Times will be based on individual chip times rather than gun times, where provided
  • Trophies will be awarded to the three highest accumulated point scores in each age category.

Ceri Philpott of My Sporting Times has kindly provided us with a 10% discount code for the Mapledurham 10 – and all of MST’s 2019 events – which you can include when you book an event. Please don’t pass this around outside the Club or the privilege is likely to be withdrawn. The code you need is RN1910.

2019 Marathon Championship

The format of the Marathon Championship is the same as in recent years: rather than nominate specific races you can enter marathons of your choice anywhere in the world. If you want your result to count, make sure it’s recorded in the newsletter results section or mail it to champs@readingroadrunners.org.
Please note:

  • You don’t need to register to take part
  • You can choose to run any marathon event between 1Jan19 and 31Dec19
  • You can record as many results as you like during the year
  • Have your result recorded in the newsletter or mail it to champs@readingroadrunners.org
  • You’re competing against members in your own age category, as stated above
  • Your championship age category is determined by your age on 1 Jan19
  • The results claimed by the winners in each category will be verified and the winners announced following the end of the season
  • Times will be based on individual chip times rather than gun times, where provided
  • Trophies will be awarded to the three fastest results recorded in each age category
  • You are not required to run in club colours to qualify for the Marathon Championship.

Previous Results

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2018 Championship Table
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